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The Camelizer for Internet Explorer - Alpha

June 13, 2013 at 7:25 PM

Our friend Joshua Teitelbaum wrote a Camelizer toolbar for IE users, who surely must have felt left out of all the Camelizer fun happening in Chrome and Firefox.  It adds a Camel search box to your browser which will be automatically populated with Amazon product URLs as you view them, making it easy to jump over to our site and create price watches and/or check price histories.

Download it here!  Please remember: this is an early release, and may be buggy.  It has been virus scanned immediately before upload, and should be considered safe to install, but we recommend scanning it yourself before installing since it’s an EXE file.

Please send all bug reports to dan@shup.com.  Huge thanks to Josh for putting in the effort of writing this thing.

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