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The Camelizer v2.3 for Chrome is Out!

June 6, 2013 at 9:55 PM

We just launched a new version of our browser extension, The Camelizer, for Google Chrome, and the update dramatically expands its features.

First, if you’re a registered user and are logged into camelcamelcamel while you’re browsing Amazon – or our other sites and their associated retailers – The Camelizer will be aware of this and show you as logged in.  This allows us to do some neat things, like…

Price watch creation and editing, and wishlist importing, is now built-in!  You can do these things from within the extension; there’s no longer a need to go to our site to track products or import your wishlists.  All price watches created by registered users will show up in their account on our site.

And, as our site has allowed since it was launched, The Camelizer also allows people without Camel accounts to create price watches.  Just put in your email address and we’ll alert you when the price drops.

We hope these features make The Camelizer even more useful to all of its users.  If you happen to find a bug, we would definitely appreciate if you could drop us a line and tell us about it.  (We like hearing that things are working great, too!)

Thanks to our newest team member, Lee, who has only been with us six months but is making a massive, positive contribution to the Camels, and is the one responsible for this excellent new version of The Camelizer!

Download The Camelizer v2.3 here if you don’t have it, otherwise Chrome will update the extension automatically.

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